10 Things You Can Sell To Make Money Right Away

The saying “old man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been truer as this list will go to show. Most of us have a lot of stuff lying around, most of the things we will never use again. Or maybe it has never been used, but just seemed like a good buy at the time.

So maybe its time to clean up the closet, garage or storage room because it may surprise you what you actually are able to sell online on the various private vendor platforms such as eBay.

Or maybe you even got a skill or knowledge in some areas, that other people seek? Could be your knowledge is in high demand without you realizing it.

Let’s jump into the list of 10 examples of things, you can sell or re-sell online.

1. Selling toys from your childhood or from your grown-up kids

selling old toys 840x400

Maybe you had the inability to get rid of yours or your kids’ old favorite toys. This could be the time for that to pay off!

If you have a lot of old toys lying around it would be a good idea to scout sites like eBay from time to time because some of the toys that are not in production anymore can sell at some pretty high prices that are sometimes mindblowing.

So don’t waste your time look through your storage of old toys and do your research.

2. Old school books

selling old school books 840x400

To be honest, I’ve got a lot of old school books lying around and when I think about getting rid of them I always think “someday I will need them” but after many years I still haven’t looked in them.

In my country, most school books come free but to get them you usually have to be signed up to or in the progress of the specific education, while in other countries, these books actually cost quite an amount of money.

So if you, like me, have many old educational or other books lying around it could pay off to do some research and see if anyone are in need of these old dusty books and in the progress maybe help them and your bank account out.

3. Selling them old CDs, DVDs, and games

sell old cds dvds 840x400

We probably all got a lot of old CDS, DVDs, and games lying around taking up space for no reason. Could be some old movies you only watched one time or some old games you got tired of.

This method of making some cash has been used by myself numerous times and is highly recommended for many reasons.

One of the reasons is that the market for CDs and DVDs will probably shrink a lot over the coming years because of the new developments in streaming services and storage capabilities.

In these days there is no reason to waste a lot of space for these products. So, it’s a good time to get rid of them while they’re still in demand.

So, if you have a lot of these products lying around there could be money in getting rid of them now instead of waiting for prices to drop further.

But of course one can never say that these product prices won’t skyrocket in the future for some very strange reason, but I highly doubt it.

4. Old clothes and even coat hangers

sell old clothes 840x400

Buying old clothes is not something I personally do. But I understand why many people do so, and the money saving and recycling aspect of it drives a lot of people to do so. And that’s awesome!

A lot of platforms gives the option to sell old clothes, and even on facebook, you can find people willing to buy your old clothes, Even coat hangers are not impossible to sell if you got a lot of them hanging empty in the closet.

If you’ve got a lot of clothes that you will never use filling up the wardrobe then maybe its time to get rid of some of it, and in the progress get some more wardrobe space, a bit of money and maybe get some new stuff instead.

If you got some old clothes you don’t think are worth selling and if it’s not a complete mess, then maybe just donate it to people in parts of the world that are in need of it.

Throwing it out with the trash is definitely a waste.

5. Sell your body for testing

drug trails 840x400

This category is probably a bit controversial and a lot of you have probably heard of the option before and thought “no way”. I know, I have.

But there is actually quite an amount of money to be made from it, according to sources the average drug trail pays $150 per day. The categories could be things like, as mentioned, drug trials, sleep studies, product testing and much more. A lot of products need some form of testing or user experience studies before hitting the market.

There’s a lot of websites out there to offer these test studies and with a bit of research, you could probably find one close to your area.

6. Deposit sperm to the sperm bank

sell sperm 840x400

This tip only goes out to the male audience as you probably guessed. In these days sperm is actually in high demand especially in some parts of the world, in my country you can actually earn as much as $500 per month by making 3 deliveries to the sperm bank.

And most males will probably agree that it can be quite enjoyable to produce sperm.

So, why is it in high demand? Many studies show that we are postponing the option of getting children in most cases because of business carriers, or education which causes many, women, especially, to maybe postpone it too long and waking up one day without a mand by their side and wanting to become pregnant.

Even more, sperm banks also help homosexual couples to conceive children.

To get approved as a sperm donator you will have to get your sperm tested to make sure it’s of good quality. In most cases, the sperm banks will do it and you will often get paid to deliver sperm for testing to.

So no time to waste find a sperm bank near you and get to work!

7. Selling empty boxes

iphone empty box 840x400

This might sound crazy but please hear me out. Many people buy second-hand goods online that doesn’t come with a box, therefore many people are willing to buy boxes for their newly bought old products to make them appear new when for example buying it for a gift.

You’ll be surprised by how much empty boxes for iPhones, gaming consoles and loads of other electrical goods go for on various second-hand websites.

8. Earn money on your language skills

translator skills 840x400

If you got some language skills or maybe even got the ability to speak a second, third or fourth language there are many ways to sell your skills.

This could be as a translator for books, blogs or product websites, maybe even making subtitles for various projects and much more. The sky is not the limit and the options are almost endless.

You will find numerous websites on the web that works as middleman outsourcing these tasks, so, if you got the skills then do the research and get to work.

I’ve looked on a few ways in the writing category in the post Work from home writing jobs 2018

9. Sell old or broken electrical devices

sell old electronics 840x400

On sites like eBay, you can also put your old electrical goods up for sale. Sometimes people rather than throwing things out want to buy spare parts and repair the old thing they know and are used to using.

This can be everything from old remotes you got lying around to broken electrical goods that can be bought for spare parts or by someone who runs a refurbished second-hand electrical goods store, last mentioned can pay a fairly good price depending on the parts and goods they are in need of.

There are also websites dedicated to buying old mobile phones because they have a small portion of rare elements in them that can be sold and reused for new products.

10. Put your skills or knowledge up for sale

skills for sale 840x400

You shouldn’t hold back when you got a skill or knowledge either it’s from education, experience or research there is always someone out there that can use the knowledge you hold in your mind, whether it’s as a Tudor, personal trainer or even as a blogger.

You just need to find the right way to put your specialized skill into good use. We all hold some sort of knowledge or skill and it is never too late to dedicate yourself to acquiring more.

It’s not like we have to go to the library and find a book on the subject and read it like when I was young. The internet holds all the info you could need! But getting experienced and skilled in the chosen path is your task.


Click here to visit eBay if you got a product in mind, and see what it sells for.

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