10 Tricks To Make Food Last Longer

The correct way of shopping is buying in bulk or at least you should go for bigger shopping loads at the supermarket rather than nipping out at your local shops.

But if everything goes moldy in a day or two, you’ve either got to say goodbye to the savings of buying bigger shopping loads or eat more than you usually would just to avoid the pain of watching it rot.

So here’s my list of ingenious ways to save some of the everyday products to make them last longer and save money.

1. Treat herbs like you would your flowers

Herbs 840x400

If being honest how many of us can say we managed to use the whole bunch of fresh herbs before they’ve gone bad?

Almost everyone has their own way of stopping the herbs from going bad. Some say wrap them in a newspaper and put them in the fridge, as this will keep them dry and also prevent the “to chilled” factor.

Another option, is to handle your herbs like you do your flowers and put them in a glass with water and place a plastic bag over the top and then place an elastic band around the glass. This will give you the “greenhouse environment” for the herbs and keep them fresh longer.

Last you can also dry herbs out by tying them together at the stern and leave them hanging near a window in a dry spot. the oily herbs like rosemary and thyme should always be kept like this regardless because they don’t cope so well in a fridge.

2. Use old tights to store onions.

onions-curing-in-pantyhose 840x400

You may end up feeling a bit stupid putting this plan into action, but if you store onions in some old pairs of tights, or pantyhose and hang them in a dark environment, it actually can make them last for up to 7 months!

This is because keeping them in a dark environment and with as much airflow as possible is the key to making onions last, and for the optimal solution you should tie a knot between each onion, for this solution to be more effective.

AND keep them potatoes away from your onions or they will spoil faster.

3. Use lemon on avocados

use lemon on avocadoes 840x400

Avocados are just one of the fruits that are almost impossible to get at the perfect stage, they are either hard as a rock or have become brown and squidgy.

With avocados, you should let them ripen out of the fridge and when they hit the stage of ready for eating you put them in the fridge to preserve the stage, this is when they are a bit soft but not too soft and/or squidgy.

If you got a half avocado left, you should keep the stone in and then brush a bit of lemon on the exposed flesh to stop it from going brown.

4. Use vinegar to wash berries

berries and viegar 840x400

You should always wash your berries in a solution with one part vinegar and three parts of water before you put the berries in the fridge.

This will remove all the bacterias on the fruit, so the risk of anything growing on it whilst it’s in the fridge is closer to zero.

If you use the explained solution measurements you won’t be able to taste the vinegar.

5. Use a kitchen towel to store lettuce

lettuce 840x400

Keeping lettuce leaves last longer is another one of those things everyone has their own opinion about just like herbs.

But the usual opinion is that the less moisture involved the better. So, the container of the leaves is not so important you just need something to suck up the moisture in the container. That’s why using a kitchen roll around and in between the leaves is the best solution. Just remember to change the kitchen towel every few days to make sure it stays dry.

6. Don’t put bananas near anything


You could call bananas a family fruit because as soon as you separate is from its brothers and sisters it will start to turn sad and brown much faster than expected.

So the trick is to keep them as a bunch for as long as possible. When they a separated the solution is wrapping the conjoined stalks up thigh in cling film, for everytime you remove a banana you wrap it up tight again around the stalks that are left.

This solution should prevent the ethylene (ripening hormone) in the stalks to reach the rest of the bunch and should make them last up to five days longer.

You should always keep bananas away for everything else eatable because bananas are the fruit to emit the most ethylene, but on the other hand, if you got an avocado not ready for fridge then put it in a bag with a banana and it will ripen faster.

7. Tomatoes to fridge or not to fridge?

tomatoes 840x400

Tomatoes much like avocados are just one of the fruits that are almost impossible to get at the perfect stage.

Using your fridge to store tomatoes prevents them from getting ripped so it is a good solution if you are not going to eat them in a few days, however, they can be a bit cold and watery straight from the fridge and if you bought the tomatoes premature, then you should wait till they look ripe to eat before putting them in into the cold environment.

But keeping tomatoes out of the fridge (but still in a cold place) will allow them to ripen and will actually develop more flavors in the process, but still, if you aren’t planning on eating them for a few days pooping them in the fridge would probably be the right solution.

8. Get them rots trimmed

cut stalks on carrots 840x400

If you go for organic root veg, where the roots are still attached then make sure to remove the roots as soon as you get home from the supermarket.

This is because even doh the roots look healthy they are actually stealing the nutrients from the rest of the veg, this will result in them dying out earlier.

9. A cloak of foil for the broccoli

a cloak of foil for the broccoli 840x400

You should always wrap your broccoli or celery up in tin foil because it is the perfect way to keep it crisp and fresh and if you also put them in a fridge they can last up to four weeks.

This is because the tin foil will allow any ethylene to escape and therefore will keep the veggies fresh and clean.

10. Give the cheese some air

Give the cheese some air 840x400

You probably have seen it a thousand times people wrapping cheese up in cling film so it has no way to breathe, this is a tendency and believe people have about the right way to store a cheese properly, of course, there could be numerous reasons for that the biggest probably being that the smell from the cheese don’t spread.

However, there are better ways to store your cheese and make it last longer, one of them being wrapping your cheese in a porous paper so it can still breathe, this could be something like baking parchment.

Some even say that it can also help to wrap the cheese in a kitchen towel with some vinegar sprinkled on it because it will kill off any bacteria forming on the surface of the cheese.

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