Ever Considered Start Learning A New Language?

For many years I have wanted to pick up more language skills, but the process of learning a new language I always found too complicated.

Whenever I hear a person talk about them knowing 4-7 languages I always think “I to wanna learn more languages” and I’ve started off many times just for the interest to die out way too soon.

One of my problems is that I always wanna learn 30 things at the same time, and I can’t recommend it, or help it.

The result of such a process for me is that I always end up average or below in 30 things, rather than effective and professional in a few things, the only positive thing is that I got a small knowledge of way too many things.

But to get back to the topic I recently found the passion for learning a language again, and I found the most current language to learn is Chinese, I believe this language can grant people a huge amount of opportunities and open a lot of doors in the time to come.

So, the reason I make this post is that I believe, I found a website that can provide me the tools to help me in this new adventure (Vol.5) and hopefully the interest won’t die out this time.

That site is Duolingo.com I truly believe this sites way to approach the learning of a language is good to keep one going, and they also make it easier.

That is why I thought I would mention it if anyone else should have a dream of learning a new language but haven’t found a good way to approach it.

Plus the fact that its FREE

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