Internet Speed- Which Type Do You Need?

Downstream or Upstream

First of all, you must know that your internet speed can be divided into two – upstream and downstream respectively. Upstream indicates the speed at which you can upload pictures, video clips and the like to the Internet while downstream indicates the speed of downloading anything on your computer, for example. when you are streaming movies and other TV.

You typically see that upload speed is a bit lower than download speed, which is because most people download more than they upload. Therefore, download speed is also the most important thing when choosing broadband. As mentioned earlier, it is the one who decides whether you can stream movies, but also how many devices can be online at the same time.

Types of internet

An important factor is to find out what types of internet solutions are being offered in your area. There are three basic types of internet, and your internet speed depends greatly on the technology you choose.


ADSL is the most widely used internet connection in some countries as it runs over the general telephone network and therefore reaches almost all and is offered by most companies. However, the technology has the disadvantage that the internet becomes slower the more users are at one time. This is because the connection is shared among users. Therefore, ADSL is not the optimal solution if you are many in your household.


Coax stands for coaxial cable, which is a cable type that can provide both TV and internet on the same cable. So, Coax is one of the fastest internet technologies, but this technology, like ADSL, is slower, depending on how many people are on the Internet at the same time.

Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet is the fastest technology on the market, and in contrast to ADSL and Coax, the Internet is no longer slower depending on the number of users. Fiber wideband consists of buried fiber optic cables that can deliver significantly higher internet speeds than traditional ADSL. Fiber internet is extremely stable and is considered the best solution on the market, but it should be noted that unfortunately, not everyone is able to get fiber networks.

Choose the right internet speed

Internet at a speed of 2 Mbit / s is at the lowest end of the scale you will find a download speed of 2 Mbit / s. This speed is so low that not all companies offer 2 Mbit / s. This is because this speed is only suitable for checking emails and a bit of internet surfing. These are the fewest people who have such a limited need. However, it is possible to stream movies and videos on, for example, YouTube at this rate, but it is likely that you must select low-quality videos if you want to avoid a long wait.

Therefore, I do not recommend this speed if you want to stream movies and surf the web. Should the connection be used by multiple computers at the same time, you should also get higher internet speed. This is because a speed of 2 Mbit / s is only offered via ADSL, which has a limited bandwidth. This means that the more computers at the same time, the slower the internet speed will be.

Internet at a speed of 10 Mbit / s

This internet speed can easily cover your need to surf and stream music. However, it should be noted that while sharing a 10 Mbit connection, it may be a little difficult to watch movies and TV in good quality on multiple computers. On the other hand, you can easily watch movies or TV on a device and read news on the other device at the same time.

If you’re more than three using the Internet at the same time for heavy tasks like streaming or Skype, then you should consider a higher internet speed.

Internet at a speed of 20 Mbit / s

The Internet speed of 20 Mbit / s is quite popular as it can be used for activities such as streaming and downloading files of 3-4 devices simultaneously. If you are a family that uses the same internet connection – often at the same time – this internet speed is ideal as internet speed is not compromised, even though more computers are connected.

Internet at a speed of 50 Mbit / s

This connection is very fast. If you as a family use the internet for very data-rich activities at the same time, this internet speed is right for you. For example, if you are more on the same connection, you want to stream high-quality movies, online games and download big files. However, it is important to note that not everyone is able to receive this internet speed.

Internet at a speed of 100 Mbit / s

These are the fewest households who need an internet connection of 100 Mbit / s. Unless you have a very large family or live in an apartment with many roomies, everyone uses the internet to stream high-quality television at the same time. This speed can only be achieved via COAX or fiber networks.

Note: Due to the fierce competition, you have the opportunity to get a great deal, but it can be difficult to figure out what to look for. 

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