Time To Say Goodbye To Mouse Injuries?

If you’ve been injured with muscular injuries, you’ve probably also considered a different design on the favorite gear for your right hand. No, let`s drop the flat references, of course, I’m talking about something as boring as a computer mouse.

To remedy my own problems, I have used mouse mats with built-in silicone inserts for many years, but also various ergonomically correct computer mouses also passed my desk and never found the right one. And it’s in this category of products Logitech is now making an attempt to save us from the annoying injuries, so, of course, I had to try it.

Good first impressions

Logitech MX Vertical is the newest shot from Logitec and it stands out clearly thanks to its crooked design and its different placement of buttons and wheels. The idea is not new and has already been tested several times. But the MX Vertical is well designed and feels like a welcoming hug, and it’s clear to see that the designers have sought out the details.

Looking at the outset, it looks like a typical Logitech mouse. The soft rubber is comfortable to hold and the buttons have a good “click”.

Comfort at hand

The big change is the shape that allows your hand to fly naturally with the shapes of the mouse – if you are right-handed. The slanted grip protects your wrist from turning, and your arm will, therefore, rest more naturally. It’s hard to explain exactly how it feels, so do yourself the favor of trying it in the store to feel it yourself.

Wheels and right and left mouse buttons are on the right side. You must get used to this, but it will be relatively fast if you hold out the first couple of hours. The thumb has access to the back and forth button, which I personally use a lot. Also, the speed of the cursor is easily adjusted via a button at the top.

Give it some time

I must honestly admit that I was a little skeptical about Logitech MX Vertical. But after a few hours, my skepticism was shameful. The oblique mouse is incredibly comfortable to use and now feels like the most natural in the world. I have primarily tested for office use, which it is ideal for.

For games, I would not use it because it’s not as fast and precise as a dedicated gamer mouse. Find the Mx Vertical on Amazon here

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