How To Earn Money With Fiverr

Fiverr is a page where you can earn money on small jobs, in the form of hobby projects or things that can be done from home. The site is expanding rapidly, with 1.9 million jobs, and over 4,000 new services across 120 categories that are added every day.

Earning money on Fiverr

The site is being used by many who earn money as virtual assistants, and you can also find “virtual assistants”  for virtually any task you want to outsource Fiverr’s principle is relatively simple, and in fact, it connects buyers and sellers of a wide range of small services. The buyer receives $5 as a standard for the work done but can take more for one’s services if necessary.

Although the normal price is $5, just over half of the transactions are between $10 and $100, thanks to an increase in the number of premium gigs, where it is possible to increase the price of services, which can now be sold for up to 995 dollars. per. service. and you can sell multiple services at the same time, giving you an option to sell for more than 10.000 dollars as a top-level seller.

The services offered by the seller are called “gigs”. There are many different creative suggestions on gigs and there are both sellers and buyers from all over the world. The gigs one sells can be anything from graphic design, promotion of businesses, social networking and advertising, fun videos, and translation or editing work and so on.

It’s about being creative.

Some offer to make a video of your name in shells on the beach or hold a sign for you while parachuting. Browsing the available gigs on Fiverr lets you see how varied they are, almost anything imaginable or unthinkable.

The best part is that everyone can sign up for Fiverr who sells and start selling their service. Making money on Fiverr is actually so-called freelance work.

It’s easy to get started making money on Fiverr. Below you can see what steps to take to make money.

  1. Find the right gig and Sign up via Fiverr
  2. Make a sales video/post called a gig.
  3. Then simply make money on your gig

To find out what you want to sell or possibly earn, it’s a good idea to start looking into what other sellers are successful with.

Under each category you can choose to get the ‘gigs’ divided by popularity or best-selling; This can give you an idea of ​​what pays and what is in demand. you may also be inspired to find something no-one else has made.

How to Brand Your Gig

Upload the right gig picture

When you search for similar gigs, you will notice that some of them have better pictures than others. It’s about standing out and here one’s gig picture can end up getting work flowing your way.

Again, it’s a good idea to look at what others have chosen, and perhaps be inspired by those who are positively different. For example, you can choose a fast and easy service like PicFont to create your Fiverr gig image, or alternatively, if you really want to stand out, hire someone at Fiverr to do it!

Make a good description

The description is also a very important part of one’s gig that you need to sell. Just as you could with pictures, you can search around Fiverr and look at what the other top sellers have written, and use their descriptions as inspiration.

Just remember that it’s not allowed to copy their descriptions as it will have your gig deleted. They can be used as inspiration to make your own unique description.

Use the right tags and keywords

One of the most important parts of a gig is the established tags and keywords. It’s important to tag one’s gig correctly so it gets the correct optimal ranking in Fiverr’s search results just as it would on Google, Twitter an so on.

Make a promotional video

You also have the opportunity to add a video to your gig to make it stand out. This helps to increase placements and sales. Here you can use services like  Video Maker FX to create an eye-catching video for the gig, but it does not have to be anything special. Often, buyers have easier to relate to a seller if they can watch a video, for example, just you telling about the gig.

What does it Cost?

It’s free to create a profile at, but they charge a 20% fee for everything you earn. For example, if you sell a $5 gig you will only get $4 into your account.

The actual payment of the money is made through Paypal, and this money will also be charged a small fee. You can also get paid by check, but this will, of course, take longer time.

How much can it earn?

It may be a good idea to start with small $5 gigs to test the market, then slowly build up its level, with gradual pricing as you build the gigs reputation on the site.

As a new user at Fiverr, you can be promoted to level one if you have been there for 30 days and completed 10 orders. Once you have leveled you will be able to take a higher prize for the gigs.

There is in principle no limit to how much you can earn from Fiverr, as it depends only on how much demand is on the “product” you can offer and how much time you want to put in. When you wish, you can transfer your money from their account via PayPal or order a check.


When you start making gigs on Fiverr, you will soon discover that there is an opportunity to create a good extra income. It can be difficult to make a living of making money on Fiverr, but making “Fiverr” money from home makes it extremely attractive.

Some of the really skilled on Fiverr, who earn good money on it, have people employed to do their job. These types of jobs are often fairly straightforward and may be jobs such as logo design and text consolidation.

So if you got skills in a category, the right attitude, and willing to put in the work you can make a solid income. As mentioned, there are no limits on how much money you can earn and who knows, maybe you’re the next top seller at Fiverr?

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