How To Start Blogging Successfully

Having your own blog has become very popular these days, and many people actually make significant amounts of money blogging.

There can come many good things from having a well-visited blog. In addition to the money you can earn from blogging, on advertising and sponsored posts, there are also good things in the form of free cosmetics samples, clothes, accessories, you name it! The most successful bloggers are often those who find a niche and start up from there.

The range of blogs spans far and wide. You can find everything from personal blogs, online diaries to blogs about cooking or traveling, and even blogs with pictures of cute animals.

The point is that the vast majority of ideas have already been taken, and the chance that you create something brand new and revolutionary is close to nonexistent. But that does not mean you can not make a popular blog and make money from it.

In this post, I will try to guide you to how, in my opinion, to create a successful blog. This guide and my mentioned opinions do not reflect the building of my site since I dont have the time, as I hoped, to build and maintain a good blog with daily posts, my blog was made without having a plan to hit a specific audience, niche/topic, nor a plan of direction.

So you could reach the conclusion, that I haven’t followed my own recipe for building a successful blog, but that, of course, doesn’t mean that won’t be the end result.

How do you create a Blog?

Creating a blog is free and in most cases easy to set up. You most often have 100% control over your blog depending on your host, or at least from the providers I will mention in this post, so, all you really need is something interesting to write about.

Even though you might be brand new in blogging, it’s not hard to get into. There are several different pages that offer you a blog. Such as,  WixBlogger, and many others, all of which guide you through step-by-step.

Another option is building the blog from the ground up in WordPress after downloading it free on This will require a bit more skills in the form of coding and more time needs to be invested. I believe that the would be an overkill for a rookie blogger. So, that explanation I’m saving for a later post.

When you sign up for a blog with a hosting company you get your own web address (not a good or efficient one), a template for your blog and there is nothing left but to start typing. Keep in mind, however, that the vast majority of blogs dont earn money, some just earn a little extra for their spare time, while some can actually earn significant amounts on their blog.

Even though blogging immediately seems like something you can easily arrange for your free time, you need to consider it as a job if you want it to pay off. Keep in mind that work effort and dividends often go hand in hand!

I believe the secret of a successful blog comes down to three things:

  • Good content
  • Many visitors
  • Achieving good marketing

all three is not easy and will hardly happen overnight. But what are you doing to make your blog succeed?

Good content

What do you write about? Basically, it’s up to you. You need to have a general idea of ​​what you want to write about and you have to be able to formulate yourself properly. I´m probably not the best advisor on that.

But again I suggest you chop it up in three categories:

Become Inspired:

Take time to look around at the other blogs out there. Read some blogs that deal with topics you are interested in and consider how you could do better. Notice how these blogs earn money and try to implement these methods in your own blog.

Of course, it’s always good to stand out from the crowd, but do not be afraid to steal some good ideas here and there. This also started the biggest, most popular blogs!

Choose a Topic:

It should be clear now that your blog can handle anything you want. However, if the purpose is to become a blogger and earn money, there are some topics that will immediately be able to gain popularity.

For example, you can consider a travel blog or blog where you comment on all the latest gadgets. In both industries, there is a large advertising budget that you can get your bite off. But now, of course, do not just start writing about gadgets if you do not care about it or know anything about it.

Your blog has to be based on your own interests and experiences to appear credible. A blog without passion will never be popular. This does not mean that you have to choose one subject, nor that you have to keep with it. Some blogs write about everything they just overlook or wonder about, without necessarily having any connection.

However, the most successful blogs tend to be those that are pretty much within a topic. You can try if you can find your own little niche and go into depth with it. If you choose anything too wide, competition will also be bigger.

The secret is to find a subject that is wide enough to have a certain audience but at the same time specific enough to stand out from the crowd. You may want to look around at other blogs and consider if there is something you do not think is getting enough attention.

If your blog starts to get a certain readership, you can take advantage of it to get even further up the blogger hitlist. For example, if you Blogs about music, you can ask at record companies if you are allowed to get and report new albums.

For the record company, it means free advertising and for you, it means that you can be out with comments on new music and thus can get even more readers. At the same time, you receive free music, which is also not bad.

However, be aware if you blog about your private life!

Several bloggers who have written about their work on their blog have been reprimanded or have been fired. So if you have an open blog, you should always consider what you are writing, if it can in any way give backlashes.

Know your Audience, and let them find you:

Who are you writing to? Friends, family, people in your industry or just people in general? Being aware of this should be reflected in your writing style, your layout and how to advertise your blog.
If your goal is to earn money on a blog, you need to target a specific audience – and make sure they find you.

How do people get to know your blog?

Granted, it’s not easy at first. You need to start out small, tell your friends and family about your blog, maybe make them spread the message and make sure to share your posts on your Facebook and/or Twitter. Also, encourage your friends to share your posts if they like them.

The correct name is crucial, so consider it carefully! It must be catchy and to remember if you want people’s attention. And make sure that the name is also the one in your URL if you want people to be able to find your page again.

Sometimes you may have to pay to get the URL you want, but it is usually not very expensive. And if that means that your visitors return over and over again, it’s definitely worth the money.

When choosing a name for your blog, make sure that:

  • It’s short and catchy
  • Avoid using characters such as hyphen in your URL as it makes it harder to remember

share blog.png

Share your blog

A great way to get your blog out to readers is becoming part of a larger blog network. These pages probably have a large selection of blogs, but at the same time, there are plenty of readers that come for that reason. It’s also a good idea to create a facebook page for your blog, where you can share your posts and pay attention when something new happens.

It’s not always people remember to click on your blog, but they’re always using Facebook “like” all the time, so it’s a great place to get people’s attention. Similarly, Twitter can be quite useful. Tweet a link and a short captive text every time you make a new post and make sure you use lots of hashtags to reach as many as possible.

If you make a post about a known person, try to make them retweet your post, which will certainly give you a lot of new visitors. The competition between blogs is hard and the dream scenario for you will be to get some mentions in a magazine, from a known individual or just a reference from another popular blog.

It is here that you can reach some new readers, but unfortunately, it’s not something you can control.


Good marketing

This is how you earn money on your blog. Once you’ve got your blog running, you should sign up for Google Adsense or Chitika, both of which help match your blog with relevant ads. Then, when people click on the ads, you get a small portion of earnings.

Often, a more informative blog will result in more clicks on the ads (in case they match your posts) and thus give you more earnings. Also, consider;

Which advertisers do your blog target?

It may seem obvious, but it is best to choose advertisers that target your readers. So consider who are you really writing to? What readers do you have and what are they interested in? It can be difficult to determine, especially if you have a broader blog.

But have you dedicated yourself to a niche, or even if it’s a personal blog, then you assume that what you’re interested in and write about is also what your readers are interested in. Also, think about how much advertising you have on your side.

People have not received any banners here – sometimes it can actually add some extra time to the page, but nobody can win a war of pop-ups. There’s nothing in the way of advertising as long as you make sure it’s pretty discreet.

Building a large number of regular readers

If you start advertising your blog before you have built up a good amount of regular readers, you will not earn much more than a little extra pocket money. If you really go for the big bucks, it may be your advantage to first work on your blog’s content and the number of readers before you start advertising.

Once you have built up an appropriately large amount of regular readers, you can start with a few, well-chosen advertisements. You will probably need hundreds of thousands of permanent readers to live on the ads on the blog, but following the tips and tricks, you could gather enough readers for a nice extra income.

Use the blog for your own advertisement

Another way you can earn money on your blog is by selling your own items or services. Do you have for example a food blog and have a published cookbook, it will be obvious to use your blog to advertise.

Or are you a gardener and blogger, blogging about garden design, you can easily and elegantly advertise your own services. On your blog, you have the opportunity to boast some of your previous jobs, which works a hundred times better than a resume.

If you are artistic, your blog is also a great place to advertise and showcase your designs. Maybe you have a shop you can link to? Make sure you have free advertising on your blog – you never know what opportunities it could lead to.

Make a newsletter

If you have enough readers and a service you want to sell, you can try out a weekly or monthly newsletter. Here you can highlight some of the latest highlights on the blog and additionally make more advertising for your products or services.

Ready Set Go!

Making a successful blog is largely about appearing as an opinion leader and thereby winning the readers’ trust. You often have to do a regular job to earn money on a blog. But do not worry! It is certainly possible with the right subject and commitment, and there’s never a better time to get started creating a blog and potentially making money!

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