Earn Probs And Money With YouNow As A Live Broadcaster

make money on younow

Maybe it’s just a 20-year-old guy sitting in his bedroom in his bathrobe and talking about everything and nothing. From time to time, he may interrupt his speech stream to answer the posts that pop up in the chat to the right of the video. This is YouNow. A page where you simply live streaming your life.

There are also videos with a little more content. Eg. an artist who films while he/she draws while viewers can look and ask questions about the technique used. This can be when drawing, painting, doing a craftsmanship or music with guides for various instruments and techniques.

It’s not YouTube

The first thing you notice is that it’s not the same as making youtube videos. In fact, your video will never be seen again. On YouNow you live stream. There are no edits or changes, just put your camera up and start streaming. At the same time, you will not find any advertisements on YouNow.

This is a huge plus for viewers, unlike YouTube, where revenue from the advertisements is essential to the earnings.

So how do you earn money on YouNow?

You get a tip. All your earnings on YouNow are based on gratuities (Probs Tokens) and you are not allowed to ask for them or otherwise encourage them. The page chose to go beyond the advertising model, in order to put the streamers more in focus.

Viewers earn digital coins when they go in and watch videos on YouNow. These coins they can use to buy bars, which they can pass on to the streams as gratuities. YouNow takes approx. 30% of the prize money before they are shared with the streams in “real” money.

How much can you earn on YouNow?

Indeed, there are some who live exclusively with the money they receive from YouNow. For example, Tayser Abuhamdeh, a former team worker, earned up to $ 1,000 for 45-minute streaming in 2015. Another streamer dropped his job as a university teacher for $ 73,000 annually when he found that his earnings from YouNow could replace that salary.

As you might guess, it requires a lot of followers and a lot of time on the screen to earn so much money. Abuhamdeh, who earned 3 times his previous salary on YouNow, had more than 135,000 followers and streamed sometimes for hours. Another way to make money on your YouNow is to turn your success into something bigger.

Although it has been YouTube, which has hatched various stars, so far, it’s not unthinkable that YouNow will soon give their share.

How to get started

Create a free profile on YouNow, download the app and you’re ready to stream. But to make money, you need to become a YouNow Partner.

It requires you to:

  • Streamer at least twice a week  
  • Get an average of 500 viewers

Following the rules:  

  • Do not harm yourself or others  
  • Keep the clothes on  
  • No hate speech or bullying  
  • Never share your contact information  
  • Never ask for a drink  
  • Obey copyrights  
  • Do not copy other users

Will YouNow hold in the long run?

If you plan to become an internet star and earn a lot of money, you may want to consider starting now. In June 2016, the viewers used between 1.5 and 2 million. dollars to share the digital money out of which the page kept the 30%, and it can be expected to be more in 2018, but gave up on finding more recent info.

But you will also find some skeptics who think the model is untenable in the long run. Some skeptics predict that YouNow will at some point be forced to switch to the advertising model in line with YouTube. If this happens, you will still be able to monetize your advertising revenue.

And if the page continues with the same model and the viewers stop giving a tip, the page will formally shut down within a few years. But it`s still an option to earn money online at the moment, but do as most other YouNow streamers, and keep your YouTube page as a security.

All do YouNow looks like it has had its peak it could still work as a tool of exposure to get you seen by a new audience and maybe drive more traffic to your YouTube Channel, Website, Blog and others alike for free.

Check out YouNow here

Also, see “How to Make Money Broadcasting” Where I cover the Twitch and YouTube broadcasting platforms.

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