Receive Free Products Or Cash For Testing

Receive free products, test them and Keep the product or be lucky to get money to test them. For many, the pockets sometimes feel somewhat empty, and typically the surplus is not to combine current work or study with additional leisure time.

But fortunately, there are other ways to keep hunger at the door! Several companies are willing to pay or provide consumers with test products – read this article and be wiser on which.

In this article, you will  find info such as;

  • An introduction to product testing
  • A description of what you can expect to receive for your services
  • The best pages and companies for product testing
  • Some tips and tricks

An introduction to product testing

There are companies out there who are willing to reward you for testing and reporting their products. They will either send you their products for free in return for your feedback (products that you can then sell online) or simply pay you in cash.

At you will find lots of guides to earn a little extra and in this guide, I will tell you all that is worth knowing about product testing.

Which products can you expect to receive?

There is no guarantee of cash payment – in fact, it’s not often you’re that lucky. But is it still worth it? As a starting point YES. The work is easy and you will always receive something of value.

Some examples of what you could be able to receive for your services:

  • Vouchers for shops, websites
  • Gadgets 
  • Food and drink (sometimes limited edition)
  • Cosmetics and toilet cases
  • Books and magazines
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Cash

However, it is worth noting that you are not necessarily guaranteed things and cases simply because you have set up yourself as a tester. There are thousands of users, and of course, companies can not afford to send out to everyone. But of course, you will never get anything, unless you give it a try.

approved-testing sites.png

Good product testing websites

In order to be considered a reviewer, you, of course, have to sign up on one of the many websites in the category. There are many to choose from and keeps on coming more and more. I have found 3 trusted sites.


A cool page that pays you to report websites. You probably do not test true products, but the many different websites should keep you entertained.

Here’s how: When you create a profile, you will be prompted to make a test review. If you are good, you will then be sent websites from time to time that you chose to report. For each website you’re reviewing, you receive $ 10 on your Paypal (it takes about 20 minutes to make a review).

Examples of products: Only websites, so, of course, you will not get a product for keeps.

Your chances of being selected as a test person: You need to make a test review to be approved as a test person, but it is only about 1%, which is rejected.

Visit UserTesting here


A fairly trusted page, which is also one of the best paying. Unfortunately, test invitations do not come so often.

Here’s how: You just create a profile, after which you will be able to fill out surveys and from time to time review products.

Examples of products: cosmetics, food, drinks, etc.

Your chances of being selected as a test person: The number of products to be tested is somewhat lower than on the other websites, but there are also not so many test subjects competing with

Visit PineConeResearch here


One of the leading aspects of marketing research, and they are more than willing to reward you for your opinions.

Here’s how: It’s just about filling out questionnaires regarding various products or your personal shopping habits. Sometimes you will need to receive products to fill out the questionnaires.

Examples of products: Electronic products, small electrical appliances

Your chances of being selected as a test person: Only rarely will you be sent test products, but what you get to fill out various questionnaires is clearly worth the time.

Visit Ipsos here

Good to know

Be aware of your odds

It would be great if all the products we applied for were sent directly to our mailbox. Unfortunately, most companies work within a budget that limits the number of test subjects. As there will often be thousands of applicants for each product, you will of course not be chosen every time.

Be selective about which products you apply for

You can quickly get torn and apply for everything between heaven and earth. But consider a moment if it is a product you are interested in. If not, do not waste your time here, but instead continue your search for the good products.

Never forget to give feedback!

In reality, nobody will be able to come after you if you did not go in and report the product after receiving it. But if you want to be selected as a test person for more things, please ALWAYS REVIEW THE PRODUCT. With lots of test people out there you will quickly be swept off the table if you do not meet the criteria.

keep up to date

If you create a profile, then never return to the page, you will most likely never receive any test products. Instead, return regularly and check up on new products. Test subjects with a proficient profile who have proven themselves as loyal testers will be more likely to receive the good products.

Make a separate email for tests

If you want to avoid losing some testing options in your regular email spam, create a new one and use it for your test sites. It may also be helpful with an additional email if you want to try some new pages but are not sure if they are trusted.

Being a test person may sound almost too good to be true, but the pages that I have mentioned is 100% real. Showing you as a loyal test person, the companies will gladly provide you with enough products to keep your spendings to a minimum.

Make money from Surveys, visit PanelPlace to find out how!

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