Cheapest Travel Destinations In 2019

If you have not planned your trips in 2019 yet, there is a good reason to read the list below.

A new report maps out the cheapest travel destinations in 2018, which in all likelihood are also worth visiting in 2019 if you are looking for an affordable holiday.

The report by the British Post Office is based on a survey of a total of 42 destinations worldwide and the prices of eight selected items. The Post Office Travel Barometer takes into account the cost of the most popular tourist purchases: water, coffee, soft drinks, beer, a glass of wine, dinner for two with wine, insect spray and sunscreen.

The final list is dominated by European destinations, but an Asian city has found its way to second place.

The Cheapest Travel Destinations

Here are a top 10 of the cheapest travel destinations in the world. The stated price is the total amount of the eight most popular tourist purchases.

  1. Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) $49,17
  2. Japan (Tokyo) $56
  3. Portugal (Algarve) $57
  4. Czech Republic (Prague) $70,53
  5. South Africa (Cape Town) $71,45
  6. Spain (Costa del Sol) $71,76
  7. Turkey (Marmaris) $72,37
  8. Cyprus (Paphos) $74,98
  9. Croatia (Porec) $79,90
  10. Hungary (Budapest) $84,97

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