Drinking Beer; Can It Really Be Healthy?

There are types of alcohol that are not good for your skin. However, there are also lots of crazy myths that you really shouldn’t listen to. But can it really be healthy to drink beer?

Yes – a study shows that it is actually healthy to drink beer.

Why is it Healthy to Drink Beer?

If you already drink the right amount, of course, do not drink more alcohol, because too much is never good. But it`s far from everyone who does so. Many of us love drinking shots when we go to a party. But often we only drink alcohol at weekends – and there is indeed nothing wrong with that.

However, one study shows that it is actually healthy to drink beer or wine every day. Of course, not in large quantities – just a glass or two.

Yes, two glasses a day is good for us – it gives us several more years to live according to the study.

Of course, this is only useful if you are otherwise healthy. You can`t cheat yourself to several more years of life if you already suffer from diseases, as you probably already guessed.

Coffee can also be Healthy

Most people know that you can quickly drink too much coffee and that it`s not always the best thing. However, something in the same study suggested that people who drink coffee also live longer than those who do not.

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