These Women Made The Most Money On Instagram In 2018

There is no doubt that it has its advantages to have many followers at Instagram in 2018. It leads to lots of perks, and several even get large sums for a single post. The survey from Hoppers reveals which women who make the most money on Instagram in 2018. 

Scroll down and see how much money the stars get home every time they post a picture. You will be surprised at how high sums are paid for a single image in on the social media platform

Top 10 Women to Make the Most Money on Instagram in 2018


10. Karlie Kloss

Followers: 7.7 million

 Income per post: $ 50.384

Julie Sarinana​

9. Julie Sarinana

Followers: 5 million

 Income per post: $ 151.153

Cara Delevingne

8. Cara Delevingne

Followers: 41.5 million

 Income per post: $ 302.153

7. Gigi Hadid

Followers: 44 million

 Income per post: $ 305.153

Khloé Kardashian​

6. Khloé Kardashian

Followers: 81 million

 Income per post: $ 483.399

Kendall Jenner​

5. Kendall Jenner

Followers: 97 million

 Income per post: $505.375

Beyoncé Knowles

4. Beyoncé Knowles

Followers: 119 million

 Income per post: $ 701.399

3. Kim Kardashian West

Followers: 120 million

 Income per post: $ 725.137

2. Selena Gomez

Followers: 144 million

 Income per post: $ 805.537

Kylie Jenner​

1. Kylie Jenner

Followers: 118 million

 Income per post: $ 1.006.922

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