The Study That Determines If You Should Be Single Forever

A new study shows that you do not necessarily get happy because you find a partner. But it sometimes feels like that’s what most people expect. But maybe you’re one of those feeling most comfortable being single forever?

The Study

A study by Social Psychological & Personality Science shows that finding a partner and getting married and get children is not necessarily the way forward for all people. In fact, it is far from everyone who should live their life that way. And it’s all about whether you want to be happy or not. And most people would like to…

In the survey, 4,000 university students participated, who should answer questions about their goals for a relationship of love. Soon, it was found that the students could be divided into two groups. 

One group were those who had high expectations, goals, and dreams for their lives with a partner, and who really wanted a close, romantic relationship. The other group was those with low expectations. Here, students wanted to avoid any kind of conflict and drama.

Both high and low expectations are good

It’s not because one is necessarily better than the other. While one group can easily be disappointed not to meet its high expectations, the people afraid of conflict can end up in a relationship where they never talk about things and where the drama is just becoming more and more. 

Actually, the two groups are very different. And it can easily cause problems if you have quite high expectations for a romantic relationship, but are in love with someone who has low expectations. If, on the other hand, you are the one who wants to avoid conflicts, it’s tough to deal with a girlfriend who wants to discuss a lot.

Single forever?

Yes, that’s good enough. For many people being single can actually be the very best for them. Here it is possible to avoid conflicts and drama. And because it will be far easier to relate to themselves, some people will actually be much happier as singles forever.

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