15 Career Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Do you have the right job? Otherwise, it may be time to stop and check for your satisfaction with your current position. Try answering the following career questions and become more aware of what you should work towards.

How to use the 15 career questions

  • The questions comes in two parts, where the first 15 questions are for you who are new to employment, and the next 15 are for those who are more experienced as an employee.
  • Take your time and grab a pencil and paper. Find a place where you will not be disturbed, and keep pauses to think carefully about your answers.

Questions for you who have worked less than five years as an employee:

  1. What are you especially good at?
  2. What do you love to do? (repeatedly)
  3. What do you prefer to avoid at work / in your career?
  4. What will people who know you well say you are good at?
  5. Where are you now? What have you achieved? For example – education, crushing, experiences, other
  6. What is the goal/dream of your career? For example – money, satisfaction, location, type of job, job title, other
  7. Who or what affects your choice of job? For example – family, money, yourself, your surroundings, others. How do they influence your decision of choosing a job/career? Moreover, how do you feel about that?
  8. If you think more broadly and think of all the people you know, admire or associate with. What job opportunities could does relations give you?
  9. What would you be happy spending the next 25-30 years doing?
  10. What is the ideal job for you? Write down all the jobs and career paths, with reasons why it’s ideal for you.
  11. What do you need to do to achieve your goal? Whom should you talk to and what resources can you use to achieve it?
  12. If your dream job is not an option right now, what can you learn from what you have written so far, and how can you use it in another position?
  13. What should you do to make sure that you make the right choices?
  14. Whom should you talk to next time?
  15. What do you think you can achieve if you spend the time and effort working towards your dream job?

Questions for you who have worked more than five years as an employee:

  1. Why are you working? Write down all the reasons on a piece of paper. For example – to have a satisfying career, to pay rent, go in your family’s footsteps, earn extra money or anything else.
  2. When you started working, what was the dream job? How has it changed?
  3. How do you feel when you hear the following statement: That’s what you are going to do for the next 30 years?
  4. What are you most proud to have achieved on your job/in your career? Also, why are you proud of that?
  5. If you were to choose three essential people from your career, how would they describe you?
  6. What motivates you for your job? For example – ambitions, goals, afraid of failure, loyalty or anything else
  7. How are you relevant to your industry? Are you up to date on what the market is looking for?
  8. Can you call one in your network if you need career care? What do you do to maintain your Network?
  9. Do you have the opportunity to do what you dream about, or is it unattainable? Does it matter that your job or career you are in now, is not your greatest passion?
  10. How much risk are you willing to take to get your dream job? Raise your limits beyond the usual and think creatively about the approach to your search.
  11. How much strength are you willing to put into taking the next step towards the dream job? How big a priority is it for you and how important is the next step?
  12. What three things would you like a potential employer to hear or read about you based on your resume and from other people? How will you make sure of that?
  13. Are you employed or have a career in one way or another? Where do you want to be work-wise?
  14. How would you describe yourself in relation to your job or career when you meet someone new?
  15. What is your next step to move closer to your dream job?

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