Important Tips For Meta Descriptions

The number of clicks on your site tells Google, that your site is relevant much more than other results. If you are placed in a third place but get significantly more clicks than the result in second place, it may have an impact on your location. In addition, more clicks on your result naturally also give more visitors to your site!

Without further introduction, here are some important tips for meta descriptions.

Remove the date from your description if you have a blog.

A date fills in your description and is only rarely relevant to the user. You should instead use your space to show your selling description. By embedding the date in javascript, Google stops showing it. If you use WordPress, find the string.

Where you find the string depends on your template. Most templates have both date for category viewing and one for articles (Single.php).

Make sure your description doesn’t get cut down

Keep your description at 156 characters so Google won’t shorten it. The correct number of characters to use keeps changing, and it was`t long ago google made it possible to use more characters, just to change it back after a short time.

So this is something you should keep up to date with, if you find it important.

If you don`t want to remove the date from your description

If you would like the date of your posts to be presented as part of your description, keep your number of signs at 139. If your post is from a date with only one digit, you can use 140 signs in the description.

Make smartphone users call you

If you have a large number of visitors who use their smartphone to find you, you can include your phone number in your description. Smartphone users can click on your phone number and call you directly.

Keep in mind that the patience of smartphone users is often shorter than a user sitting at a computer, so you risk losing a potential customer by having them navigate your site to find your contact information.

Fewer characters in the description for mobile sites

This tip is closely related to the above. If you have many mobile users, you should keep your description from 95 to 105 characters.

I have tested a little, and there does not seem to be an exact number of characters that make the impact. The longest description I found was 105 characters, but more were cut before that. It applies to both Apple and Android smartphones.

My immediate guess is that it`s the total amount of text that can be displayed on the individual smartphone that does the trick.

Do you get many local views?

If your customers find you through the local listings, it`s a good idea to keep your description below 100 characters, so you not only get half a message.

Don’t keyword-stuff your description

META Descriptions has no direct impact on your ranking in the search results. You, therefore, do not need keywords to fill your descriptions. It can only lead to fewer clicks on your results.

Use your keyword

Although you do not need to fill your description with your keywords, it`s a good idea to include your primary keyword in your description. It becomes highlighted in the search results, and can, therefore, attract extra attention.

Consider your description as a sales text

Whether it is a service, a physical product or information you offer, you must sell your product.

Use CTA in your descriptions

You should encourage the user to perform a given action, in the form of CTA (call to action), eg click here, read more, buy. It seems elemental, but it works.

Do not promise more than you can keeps

Even if you have to sell your message, don’t promise something you can’t keep. This leads to poor user experience, and in most cases, the user will choose to jump back to the search results page they came from. 

Here you have to make sure it sends a clear signal to Google that your site is relevant to the keyword and/or search phrase entered by the user.

Check out your competitors descriptions

Check out the search results for the page you want to optimize, see what your competitors have written and create a description that sets you apart from the crowd. It`s your most important task to make your particular description sharper than your competitors’.

Test, test, and test

In Google Webmasters Tool (GWT) and now also Google Analytics (after implementing GWT stats), you can keep an eye on your CTR (Click-through rate ). Therefore, change your description regularly and watch your CTR!

Do not write the same in your description as in your page title

Your page title is the header, and your description is the sales text. Users first scan the title and then the description if they found the title intriguing.

Sometimes you are better served without a description!

In some cases, it may be an advantage not to insert a meta description. Does your article aim for a significant amount of different keywords and especially longtail keywords it may be better to let Google find a relevant extract that suits the applicant’s query.

Use unique meta descriptions for everything

And finally, when search engines scan your content, they can choose to assess that the content is the same, solely from one’s descriptions and/or title tags. Do yourself a favor and keep them unique to avoid your unique content being considered as duplicated content.

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