Dry Lips? Try These Miracle Products

The cold weather makes it not only harder to maneuver in traffic, but also presents a lot of challenges for skin, hair and not least the delicate lips. The surface of the lips is much thinner than the rest of your skin and will dry out when temperatures drop. It often causes lips to crack, which can be incredibly annoying.

In such cases, a regular lip balm is not enough, and you should try one of these two humidity bombs.

Intense Lip Cream

Sensai’s iconic lip product is not affordable but definitely worth the investment if you like delicious and moisturized lips. The luxurious lip product is more effective than an actual balm, and will therefore both moisturize and care in depth. 

It also affects the wrinkles around and on the lips when used over an extended period.

You can get Kanebo Sensei`s Cellular Lip Threatment at Amazon for $91.50

Lip Mask

Just as the facial skin benefits from a nurturing mask now and then, your lips will also take a loving look at some extra help. Therefore, supplement with a lip sheet patch when the lips are to be spoiled. Use the mask on days where your lips are unusually dry or before a big party.

You can get Patchology`s Flashpatch for $15 on Amazon

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