Surprising Travel Trend Will Be Huge In 2019

Traveling is to live – such are the famous words of the Danish writer H.C. Andersen. And it`s also great to travel the world, expand one’s horizon and meet new cultures that put life into perspective.

Although it`s entirely individual, how you prefer to travel, social trends shine through in the travel category as well. These days many people have a focus on sustainability. Furthermore, they have the idea of disconnecting, with simple living. These ideas are also reflected in the new travel trend called Tiny House Rental.

Tiny House Rental

As the name suggests, this is a form of travel where you live more simplistic in small homes, which invite a simple holiday style. Because the houses are so compact, one gets to enjoy each others company even more. Also, the need to get outside and enjoy nature is greater.

Below we have gathered some of the benefits of skipping the traditional hotel experience in favor of a small house in nature.


Tiny Homes is built to be green and efficient. Because the houses are so small, they require far fewer resources than a hotel. Besides they are often designed with both compost toilets, solar panels, and sustainable materials.

Enjoy Nature

Due to the small size of the Tiny Houses, it`s a natural thing to have a greater need to go outdoors and enjoy the nature; A big plus, as most of us spends most of the day’s waking hours indoors with their eyes attached to a screen.

Travel on Budget

There is a large selection of Tiny Houses that have an affordable price. Also, the more primitive lifestyle means that there is money to save on the journey.


When staying in such a small area without disturbing elements, it forces one to take things at a slower pace – and conversations with one’s travel partners often become slightly deeper. Also, the simple journey inspires to live even more simplistic when you come back to everyday life.

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