8 Daily Rituals That Helps You Deal With Stress

Stress is a common disease that many people are affected by every day. Stress impairs our quality of life and in the worst cases turn out to be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to confront stress before it takes over.

The rituals are indicative as it obviously applies to find the methods that best suit you and your everyday life.

Deal with your stress with the help of these eight rituals

1. Your morning routine: Start your morning with a few deep breaths. They can be made in bed, in front of the morning coffee or wherever you prefer, as long as you are in a relaxed environment. Then put some relaxing music on or read something that inspires you to make yourself in a good mood – that way you start your day with something positive. If you have time to meditate, try to make it part of your morning routine – it does not take more than 10 minutes.

2. Daily goal: Set a daily goal that you will try to achieve during the day. It does not have to be any big goals. A goal can be, for example. Be focused during a meeting, improve your attitude towards a work problem, or relate positively to something or maybe something entirely different.

3. Check-in: Take a few minutes to land at your desk. Take (again) a few deep breaths before you allow information and distraction to flow your way.

4. To-do list: Make a to-do list for what to do for the day. Categorize the list so that you have an overview of what you need to throw yourself at first. Is there a thing on the list that has been avoided for a long time? Do it first and get it of the ‘list’, so it does not lie in the back of the head.

Also try keeping your calendar open for half an hour 2 times a week, allowing you to be creative or have extra time for another project.

5. Lunch: You probably have a limited lunch break, so use the break wisely. Stop and notice how you do it. If you’re sick or tired of sitting in front of the computer, be sure to move a little while you are on break. Stretch out, take some deep breaths, go for a walk or something else that loosens your body. Also be aware of what you eat for breakfast. 

A heavy lunch of too much processed or sugary food will make you tired. While a healthy and fiber-rich meal will fill your body with energy.

6. Go-away stress: The last part of the day can be hard, especially if the to-do list far from finished. If you can feel the stress sneaking up on you, stop for a moment. Listen to some beautiful music, take some deep breaths or go for a short walk. Do what gets you into gear so you can move on with your work and deliver quality.

7. Rounding: Before you go home, take a look at your to-do list. Pat yourself on the back for the tasks you got sorted and dont be too hard on yourself if there is anything you missed. There is (thankfully) also a day tomorrow. For the brave ones – try to take a look at the task you have avoided. Face the fear and take a deep breath. Perhaps, you get the work completed tomorrow?

8. End your day in silence: It can be difficult to get work and every day to make ends meet – so it is important that you take control. Whether you take work home with you is your call, but try as far as possible, to keep work and play separately. Take the time to plan your next day, to get a clearer, less hectic weekday.

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