Expert On Climate Crisis: Meat-Eaters Will Become A Minority

We need to act NOW!

Tania Ellis

A burning hot summer, warm autumn, massive rain, and heavy forest fires. The weather behaves more extensively, and the climate is on the agenda to an extent that causes more families to make green choices.  Tania Ellis, who is a lecturer, global trend spotter, and who advises companies on sustainable business development says;

– The consequences are clear to everyone now. We can not sit this one over anymore, and we have to begin finding our sense of urgency.

She highlights the campaign Earth Over-Shoot Day, which is an annual measurement of when we have exhausted the earth’s resources.

– The date is constantly moving in the wrong direction. Such things help create a feeling that we must act. That it’s NOW.

A real demand

Climate and the environment have moved up as an essential area for voters, according to most research and surveys, and the sense that it is serious, also clearly reflects our demands and choices as consumers, says Tania Ellis.

– There are still more companies with sustainability concepts, for example, where you can rent organic baby clothes on a subscription, or buy leftovers from a production. And you can find lots of vegetarian dishes in the supermarket. It’s not just entrepreneurs who have got a loose idea. There is real consumer demand, says Tania Ellis, who also points to the health factor as essential to the green choices.

As the seriousness of the situation becomes more known, our idea of what a surplus family is also changing. Today, it is increasingly those who cultivate the near, the local and the green, and who distance themselves from flashy abundance and careless CO2 emissions.

– There has been a significant change. By the ’80s and ’90s, it was, to the extent, the material that was in focus. It was a good idea to drive a big Hummer in the inner city, send the diesel air into the streets and eat big red steaks. Today it is not the most popular.

Future meat-eaters will become today`s smokers

Tania Ellis points out that the pursuit of material goods is being replaced by a host of the intangible, where values such as closeness, consideration and green choices are at the center. The sustainable choices are reflected, for example, in changing food habits, where the group of vegetarians and flexitarians and people who rarely eat meat will grow.

“Today, there is a growing tendency to eat vegetarian and either remove or reduce meat consumption. Tania Ellis believes that in 15-20 years hardcore meat-eaters in some circles, will become minorities and in the category of smokers today.

If the green consumers will also stop flying when going on vacations, is a area where she is more skeptical.

“Hand on my heart, I do not think it’s so critical that the travel industry will feel it. On the other hand, I think many will choose the airline-companies where you can compensate for your carbon footprint, she says.

For example, you can donate to organizations that plant trees or replace polluting energy with green, for what is emitted on the flight. Tania Ellis acknowledges that the sustainability wave has primarily hit the well-educated segment in the largest cities. But it will widen, she says.

– Ecology also started as a city phenomenon, but today ecology has withdrawn to the outskirts and countrysides. We will surely see the same apply for the sustainable lifestyle.

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