Why You Get More Hungry After Eating Apples

Do you get even more hungry when eating apples?

Many people feel like they get more hungry after eating apples, so I had to find out if this is a myth or fact. And it turned out it wasn’t as simple, but actually depends on the apple you eat.

While chili can tame your hunger, the case is just the opposite when it comes to eating apples which are rich in fibers.

In fact, the high fiber content of the apples should make you satiated, but the feeling of satiety depends on the acidity of the apple – the sourer an apple tastes, the more hungry you become. It is, therefore, the fruit acid in the apple that stimulates the appetite and can give you a feeling of being hungry afterward.

However, apples are still an ideal snack as they are bursting with healthy benefits and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes and overweight.

Alternatively, you can choose bananas that, contrary to apples, have shallow acid content, and therefore both satisfies the hunger and gives the well-needed energy.

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