The World’s Best Job? Earn Money By Watching Cool Movies! Apply Today!

Sometimes you can find some excellent job opportunities online if you look hard enough. For example, you may be paid for drinking gin, playing computer games and traveling around the world.

And now there’s a new, cool job out there: Get money to watch movies. In my book, it`s certainly a dream job. Imagine getting money to enjoy the couch with popcorn and movies.

Over 40-hour movie marathon

It is the website CableTV that is ready with the perfect job for all movie lovers. And people from all over the world can apply – but you have to hurry because the deadline is just around the corner.

Unfortunately, it is not the case that you can decide for yourself what movies you should see. The job is to see 40 famous Marvel movies up to the premiere of the new MCU movie Avengers: Endgame.

So you have to be a fan of superheroe movies for this job to be exciting for you.

You have to watch movies such as the Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor movies, Spider-Man films, and Black Panther. Basically all Marvels movies from the MCU universe.

If you get the job, there are 20 movies to watch. It’s over 40 hours of superhero movies. So you must be rested and have the popcorn and coke ready!

What does the job pay?

Well, the salary is at $1000. It may not be flashy, but remember it is money you get from watching movies. Doesn’t it qualify as easy money?

The only thing required, besides loving movies with superheroes, is that you also have to be on social media platforms, because you have to post about the film on social media after you watched it.

If you think it sounds like the world’s best job – and it does, then you can apply right here.

Feel free to share the article with friends “of interest.” to help my blog out and help your friends get an excellent earning opportunity. But remember to hurry deadline for applications is closing in.

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