How to Make Money Broadcasting

YouTube and Twitch these two are the biggest services, all do there are other platforms, and both YouTube and Twitch have the option to make money.


Twitch is a streaming service that primarily focuses on computer games – here’s 90% of the content games that users play and comment on. However, you will be able to find talk shows, but they are almost always talking about games. The recent years Twitch has expanded to feature a lot of categories such as comedy, real life, and many others.

The built-in system on Twitch allows you to choose which game you play in the settings, making it easy for viewers to find someone playing the game they want to watch.

Major events within the game industry, both in terms of competitions (e-sport) and presentations (with the largest being E3), can draw a lot of viewers. You can offer your users a monthly payment of $30 which gives them some benefits (more emotions or ability to write in the chat if you set sub-only mode) to feel they get extra value.

You can also request donations from your viewers. The cool thing about streaming live for many viewers is that they can interact with you almost live (due to the technique there will always be a delay between what you do and what viewers see) but it’s down in about 15 seconds at this time.

If you’re not sure about streaming live, it’s possible you’re nervous about saying something stupid or wrong so you can choose to make your videos locally and then edit them before you show them to the outside world.


Subjectively, YouTube is also much wider than Twitch, because here you can make videos about everything, from music that you make (remember copyright law – it’s especially watched on YouTube) and everyday topics like fashion or maybe your pet. Do you have a cat or dog that makes funny or amazing things, and you can catch it on camera, it’s among the favorites of the visitors and the video can quickly go viral.

However, it is still widely used with computer games on Youtube, and although the opportunity to stream live has been implemented, Youtube has launched gaming Youtube. While using YouTube’s ecosystem, and they now seem to compete against Twitch by implementing game titles that videos and streams can bind to so that all videos related to that title can be displayed together somewhere.

The way you can earn money on Youtube is that you can monetize the advertisements that appear in connection with your video.