How to Make Money Drawing Portraits

Are you good at drawing or have a very unique style, you can offer to draw people from photos and easily deliver the image to them digitally.

There are many who thinks it´s fun to be drawn, as it gives a self-perception of how they can be seen – and to have something unique that no-one else has, is also a thing many find fun.

Can you draw quickly, you have the option to create a gig on Fiverr, but you definitely do not need to stick to it – you may want to use Twenty20 combined with Instagram or create your own homepage with your own prices customized by the time it now takes you to make a drawing.

You can start by offering the first ones to sign up for free. It does not mean that interested people need to consider whether it is worth the money or whether you are as good as you say.

You now have some examples that you can show off to show potential paying customers so they can see your style and quality, and if your work is good, you can make good money.

You can also try to sneak past popular Twitter profiles, create a free image of them and then show it to them so they may share the image you’ve drawn with them with their followers that can give a lot of exposure.

There are many ways to succeed if you got the skills.