How to Make Money on Apps

Smartphones and tablets have become a part of our everyday lives – we are used to being connected constantly and it’s no longer a matter of discussing the facts about a bottle of wine for a whole evening more – for now you usually end up discussing relatively quickly by browsing the browser on the phone.

You go on Facebook, when you have a moment, you get maps forward to find out instead of asking for directions and you play small games on the phone while you wait for the bus and train.

There is money to be made from making an app or game, if not by taking money for the app itself,  then by incorporating Google’s own Adsense ads into the app. There is a demand for everything, so if you have a good idea or see someone else with a good idea, you should definitely give it a try.

If you can not tag, there are a lot of different tools for creating apps – both for Android and iOS, however, some of them cost money to acquire. You also have the opportunity to find help and guides online, and you can find the good old thin paperback textbooks from libraries, learning the most basic things in developing apps.

However, you also have the option if you have a lot to invest in paying others to create an app, you then publish and handle it in the digital store. If your app has a price, you will earn money every time the app is downloaded in, for example, App Store or Google Play store.

It does not even have to be a complicated app, it can be a simple calculator or a management app where people can cross what they own in a collection or what movies or comics they have seen.

There are millions of different apps made and there are millions more to be made and many different ways to make money on them.