How to Make Money on Copy Paste

This method is as it sounds; copy some text and paste it into a new location. It’s a slave job, and you’re probably tired of it within a few months. However, there is nothing that should prevent you from using it as a mean to get started – or maybe even use it to pick up some tricks on the way to what you could write about.

There are some marketing companies that have some texts where the text just has to be copied and posted on different blogs and websites – a good guess would be in connection with link-building. As you can offer your time to do the trivial work, you can give them more time for the more detailed work where their expertise is to be used.

You will definitely find someone who can use someone to do such a job – there is nothing in the way of offering your time and you should be able to make money online on a handful of tasks until you have blood on your teeth for something a little more creative, or perhaps even put money aside for a stock or advertising campaign for your own products.