How to Make Money on Coupons

Is it really possible to earn quick money with online discount codes? The answer is yes. But there is a lot of work to do, and you should have a website with complicated code.

This means that you either have to invest and pay a web designer or you should also be good at tagging in advance. And then you want to find a catchy and easy domain name so it’s easy to tell friends and family about it over dinner or a glass of wine.

Many web shops offer affiliate agreements – that you can direct your visitors with a specific link and buy something, you get a few percentages of the amount they spend. What you attract your visitors with is from a list of coupon codes that they can use to save a little money on their purchases.

These discount codes can be found online either if it´s a use-for-all-no-limit code or agreement with the various webshops. It is even possible that you can get a deal where you get a small commission every time someone uses your unique discount code and thus getting even more money in the box.

You need nothing other than giving your visitors a list over possible web shops where they can save some money, and have a good SEO implemented so you get your visitors when they search for discount codes. Also, do not forget to implement a search option.

Mark Pearson who created the website in 2006 earned a lot of money on the page – not least, he sold it for 55 million. British Pound (70.9 million dollars) in 2014.