How to Make Money on Instagram

Are you active on Instagram and have many followers? If you do you have the opportunity to get sponsorships or share affiliate links to make money on your hard work sharing photos. Especially, if you have a particular topic that you are viewing and talking about via your profile.

So if you have already made sure that there are people who care about the topic and seeing your next post, and as such for podcasts, it’s a “directly” targeted group for a company.

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Then you should consider contacting a company that is related to your photos and interests and give them a sales talk about what you can do to promote their product and, thereby, give them the opportunity to earn more money via your Instagram account. Do not forget to get a contract so you will not be underpaid for your work.

When posting a sponsored product, be sure to add your own unique touch so your followers can still relate to your post, so you won’t end up as an advertising column. Posting your affiliate links, and one of your followers clicking through the link and buying a product earns you money. Just be aware that your Instagram profile does not end with just having to make money.

You also have the opportunity to sell images to others either by setting up your own webshop, selling them as stock photos or signing with portals that sell images, such as, DepositPhotos where you can sell and buy stock images/photos.

Keep in mind that you should not have to be content with the camera on your phone – you can use a professional SLR camera, to get even better pictures – the image will need to be transferred to your phone to enable you to post it on Instagram, here you can use services such as pCloud and alike.

Do you have a lot of followers, you can end up earning a lot of money – do not forget that if you have a website or blog or sell a product yourself, fill in your profile with the links and your posts, so, that you can direct people to them and make extra money on your good images.

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