How to Make Money on Revenue Sharing

It’s quite simple – you write an article and post it on a website that runs advertisements from places called advertising networks such as. Adsense. When a visitor enters your article and ends up clicking on the advertisement on your page, you earn some money.

This is something that was quite popular a few years ago – but because Google has updated their search engine, those pages hardly get as many visitors, which effectively makes it less attractive for writers to add content.

The spread of Adblock removes the last opportunity for income in a lot of cases, as visitors do not even see the advertisements, and it’s almost impossible to make money from this method.

Infobarrel, which is a page where you can write articles about everything. They have divided the main menu about the most popular things written online, and you can create yourself as a free user. Then you start writing your articles, and if it’s a good article/text, it may be highlighted by the staff behind the site and it can attract even more readers to your particular article. You will receive 75% of the revenue from ads on your articles.

As mentioned, this method is not so attractive with today’s way to visit the web, and it is unclear whether these sites, including Infobarrel, are still being updated.

They are asking for unique content, so it may not be quite durable to use them as secondary mail, but it may be worth trying if you want to try to write about something and have no place to post your thoughts in advance.

But if you want to learn the correct way of using advertising networks such as. Adsense. Then you should read “How to Make Money with Google Adsense