How to Make Money on Twitter

There are many different options for making money online on Twitter. There is a handful of advertising networks where you either use their links in your tweets or post linking your tweets through their websites. You can also write tweets for companies that approve them before posting on Twitter.

The most important thing is that you have a lot of followers and that you like tweeting about a particular subject. If your followers follow you because of your humor or the way you are as a type, then you must finally remember to try to incorporate your humor into the sponsored tweets if possible.

All you have to remember is to alert your followers that your tweet is sponsored by adding hashtag #ad if you are writing in English.

If you use affiliate or referral links, you get a little bit when someone clicks through your link. If you use an affiliate link, you will get a little more if your follow-through is signing up and/or buying a product.

If a representative of a company or brand addresses you to offer a form of collaboration, ask them if they could be interested in expanding their followers on Twitter.

You can offer to tweet 5-10 times about them over the next week or month, tagging their Twitter account or their brand-deal, negotiate a fair price based on how many followers your account has and think about how much money you will earn.

You can also offer your services, if you have many followers, in a place such as Fiverr. Here you can charge from $5 for tweeting to the thousands of potential customers for a particular brand or interest that you’re already writing about on twitter, and this is a great way to earn fast money.

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