How to Make Money Selling Domains

Please note that it`s not recommended to do this with domain names from small countries and also in some countries, companies can actually claim a domain name if they can prove that they are entitled to it, and if that’s the case you won’t make any money from it.

Typosquatting is if you buy a domain that can get some visitors based on typing errors when entering the address they end up on your site where you either have the domain for sale or have thrown advertisements on the page in the hope that somebody clicks through them. Then you can get a pair of hits for their visit. personally, I dont find it to be the right way to do marketing, but many do.

However, if you do this with some countries domains, you may risk earning $0 due to rules and regulations regarding the domains – so read the domain rules for your country before you start.

However, this is not the case with other types of domains, such as .com, .net or .org. The point here is to buy cheap and sell expensive – like stocks and many other things in business. That’s how you can make serious money in this category.

You can be lucky to buy the domain directly from the registrant, and here’s the price based on the type of domain or you can try to buy a good domain from a private owner or another domain shark.

Perhaps you have a contact you know would like to pay more for the domain than what the domain owner wants. The prices of the registrants vary from $ 100 to $ 45,000 – however, there are very few domains that are over $ 1000 and my guess is that the very expensive domains have some rules and regulations in the country to which the domain refers.

However, today you can get domains for the purpose, such as .luxury, which costs $ 5,000 to register and there have also been build, actor, coach, webcam, trade, audio, beer, and buzz. All interesting domains if you need them for something specific – a bar with a website that ends with .beer is cool enough, or an actor with .actor, or for that matter a craftsman with .build!

But again in some countries, it`s not allowed to buy these domains for resale. The way to get around this is that you can always buy the domain, put up a simple page and sell it as a website – in that case, there shouldn’t be any violations of rules or laws.

For example, if you have a cartoon domain, you can set up a page about cartoons and resell the site itself including the domain – you can transfer the domain to another via the hostmaster’s website.

Just keep an account of each domain as you depend on how much they cost you and make the decision if you can earn extra on it every time you pay the annual fee.

Sometimes it may be worth calling it a lost profit and let the domain expire.