How to Make Money Selling T-Shirts

If you have graphics abilities in the same style as described under design logos category, where you can design and draw something unique, you have the opportunity to put your design on a t-shirt and let the sales go through pages such as Spreadshirt and Teepublic.

If you can get promoted your big front or just the one t-shirt you’ve designed and can reach a group of customers who might be interested in that item or can relate to your design, then you will sell some t-shirts.

Now, I do not know Spreadshirt or Teepublic’s algorithms, but I know that Teepublic automatically sells your design at a discounted price in the first period (around 24 hours), collecting all the discounted designs in their sales and that visitors on their part can enter under the latest design.

At Teepublic you can collect all your designs under a large front so you can share an overall link of your designs, making the opportunity to make money even bigger. You must, of course, be able to design a logo or image yourself, because you can not just take other people’s designs from the internet and lure on it.

There is no one that will put up with it and all professional designers will react, and you will quickly see yourself very negatively discussed. And with empty pockets after various lawsuits.

Can you sell 10 t-shirts, then you can also sell 100 – and if you can sell 100, then you can also sell 100,000. Remember, it’s extremely rare for a company – or a new thing – to get a flying start and get known immediately. Do not lose the patience, you’ll probably make money!

You can also go much further and start your own brand with your own webshop and your unique style. However, it requires a lot more work, because both websites have to be set up, accounts kept and ordered goods that are to be sent to customers.

It’s popular because you hear about success stories, but as always when it comes to starting a company, it’s far from all that succeeded.

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