How to Make Money Teaching

Is there a subject you know a lot about, a language where you are fluent or are you trained in a topic where you can teach others something about the topic that is a little more than average knowledge?

Then there are good opportunities to make money by teaching online, you do not need to gather all of your students in a room to teach them, and at the same time, there are no limitations on the number of students, as you can send the same material to all of them.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to hold closed live webinars and workshops, which limits the number of students you can teach at a time but focuses more on each individual.

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These types of lessons can earn more money because there is a little more for the customer. You can choose to share the knowledge for free, maybe even to get people hooked and afterward present the paid course. is a site where you can lay your course and let people buy your course – and the site is both big and popular with both teachers and students with thousands of different courses.

The most popular course has been sold thousands of times and the price has well exceeded several hundred per course. Therefore this gives some good opportunities to earn money.

A course on photography that is featured on the site costs 221 euros and has been sold over 10,400 times – it is hardly 2.3 million euros (2.6 million dollars). Of course, it is not to know if the price has been another or even if the product has been free for a period – or been given free of charge in connection with a promotion or something else, so, it may not be possible to roll in so much money.

But I can say that the producer of the course itself has earned good money on his course.

There’s nothing to keep you from teaching online if you only have a topic that you think others might find interesting enough to learn more about.

If you are in doubt whether you can produce quality content, it’s really just about starting a course, giving it free of charge and requesting feedback from those who try your course so that any mistakes can be fixed.