How to Make Money Translating

If you are fluent in more than one language, you have the opportunity to make money by translating texts for others. There are a number of companies who want to see their quality in the highest position – no matter what language they display their content in.

You should not find the text yourself, nor do you investigate the facts, because you have it in the text. Simply type it in a new language, grammatically correct and formulated to the targeted audience to end up with happy customers – as you may then will be able to get more work.

If you maintain a good quality of your translations, consider negotiating your price with the company you are translating for.

Since English is so widespread, as many of us read things in English and we do not see our movie with dubbed sound unless it’s children’s. Then movies make most people naturally able to speak English, and this makes the competition great if you can only offer a few translations from native language to English for example.

There is the possibility that you can translate digital books for others so they can publish their book on Kindle, just about all books here are in English, and it allows them to sell a lot more books. Include any royalties from the sale of the book in your contract.

The price for translation usually is somewhere between $50 – $90 per 1000 words.

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