How to Make Money working with PR

If you have a salesman in the stomach but want to combine it with writing, you can earn money online on public relations (PR). Here you will sell a product on the paper or alike.

Are you good at finding catchy headlines and catchlines, then there is a good opportunity to persuade a newspaper to let your article appear in the magazine or on their website, thus earning money online.

This gives a special form of advertising, making it possible for companies to reach a type of customer who is usually good at ignoring advertisements – and also avoiding those who use software such as AdBlocker to avoid seeing advertisements when they are online.

If you are good at persuading journalists to let an article from you be placed in a media and succeeded, companies would likely pay between $500 and $1000 to get a single article published in a single medium – do you manage to get the article in several media,

you can bring a lot of money home, especially if you have agreed that the money is per media and not per article.

You have to be very good at making money this way, but then you also will be well-payed.