Ways to Earn Money Online

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By reading the headlines and short reviews below you can quickly get an overview of which methods will best suit you and you will, therefore, be able to concentrate on the topics that you find the most interesting and, therefore, can make the most money on. This saves you a lot of time and wasted work and ensures you find the best way to make money online.

For a more detailed review follow “read more” in the category for a more comprehensive look on the topic.

There will be a constant adding of new topics/methods on this page, with the updated content showing at the top of the list under “update” with a date.

Earn Money with Social Media

making money with social media
How to Make Money on Twitter

There are many different options for making money online on Twitter. There is a handful of advertising networks where you either use their links in your tweets or post linking your tweets through their websites… read more

How to Make Money on Instagram

Are you active on Instagram and have many followers? If you do you have the opportunity to get sponsorships or share affiliate links to make money on your hard work sharing photos. Especially, if you have a particular topic that you are viewing and talking about via your profile. read more

How to Make Money on FaceBook

Facebook is the largest social media as you probably know. With more than one billion users, it’s five times more popular than the second most popular social network. Almost everyone who travels around the internet has a Facebook profile and therefore it may be a great place to make money. So, I had to make a guide on how to get started making money on Facebook. read more

Earn Money Working as a Freelancer

make money as a freelancer

Making Money on Selling E-Books E-Books

Something that is clearly recommended when making money online is writing e-books. There are extremely many people around the world who are neither writers nor geniuses when it comes to texts but still earn money by writing ebooks… read more

Making money Writing for others

Maybe it sounds quite crazy! The vast majority of entrepreneurs and all companies have an employee who can write so why do they not do it themselves? Simply – it’s about time and profit because most of the time there are a lot of other things that the company has to keep in mind, and texts usually come in waves… read more

Making money as a Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language, you have the opportunity to make money by translating texts for others. There are a number of companies who want to see their quality in the highest position – no matter what language they display their content in… read more

How to Make Money on Blogging

A reasonably normal and widely used method of making money online is to blog. By creating a blog, you can write interesting and good content, and thereby attract visitors to the website. read more

Making money on a Travel Blog

Believe it or not, you can actually earn money with the right tools. When most people are traveling, they are interested in knowing more about the travel locations they are going to, and it is here that you travel as a travel blog into the picture… read more

Earn money by Designing Websites

This method is very common with the point of “Selling designs and logos” but requires a lot more knowledge from your side, and it’s a whole different segment of customers you’re looking for – now you’re looking for those who want a unique design, special features, and more security – and thus more money per delivery… read more

Making money Setting up Websites

There are a lot of small and medium-sized businesses that do not yet have their own website, primarily because of the price of professional web design agencies and because they do not feel it is necessary to have a website… read more

Making money working with PR

If you have a salesman in the stomach but want to combine it with writing, you can earn money online on public relations (PR). Here you will sell a product on the paper or alike… read more

Earn money creating Designs and Logos

If you can create original designs, mascots or just a simple logo, it’s easy to find others who do not manage this, and who can use a logo for their blog or their company…       read more

Make money Selling Images

If you like to take pictures, and at the same time are good at it, the possibilities for making money online are really good. Images are one of the most worthwhile media, as an image can produce extremely many emotions, explain more than 1000 words and give a situation or thing a much better understanding… read more

Earn money Selling T-Shirts

If you have graphics abilities in the same style as described under design logos category, where you can design and draw something unique, you have the opportunity to put your design on a t-shirt and let the sales go through pages such as Spreadshirt and Teepublic… read more

Making money with Fiverr

Fiverr is a page where you can earn money on small jobs, in the form of hobby projects or things that can be done from home. The site is expanding rapidly, with 1.9 million jobs, and over 4,000 new services across 120 categories that are added every day…       read more

Earn money drawing Portraits

Are you good at drawing or have a very unique style, you can offer to draw people from photos and easily deliver the image to them digitally… read more

Earn money by Making Apps

Smartphones and tablets have become a part of our everyday lives – we are used to being connected constantly and it’s no longer a matter of discussing the facts about a bottle of wine for a whole evening more – for now you usually end up discussing relatively quickly by browsing the browser on the phone… read more

Making money Editing Videos

Are you really crazy for video editing programs, you can offer your talents to others. For example, you can offer an introduction to people, for example, there are a lot of YouTubers out there who can not figure out their own intros and outros for their videos… read more

Make money on Podcasts

A podcast is actually a radio channel on demand – that’s where you download the episode and save it, for example, on your phone or PC and you’ll listen to it whenever it suits you…. read more

Make money on Broadcasts

Youtube and Twitch these two are the biggest services, all do there are other platforms, but Youtube and Twitch have the option to make money from it…. read more

Earn money as a Voice-over

There is a huge market for this, and this option stands out from the rest as there is less competition in speaking voice in other languages than in English, so here you can fill a big hole in demand… read more

Earn money by Teaching

Is there a subject you know a lot about, a language where you are fluent or are you trained in a topic where you can teach others something about the topic that is a little more than average knowledge?… read more

Earn money on Webinars

There are various ways to earn money through the so-called webinars, which are online video courses – you can sell the videos as they are or you can send them free, where you sell a product that you can earn money on… read more

Earn money playing Video Games

The gaming industry is a billion industry that both gives and takes from people. The vast majority of people, spend more money when they play than they earn, and this is also understandable since many do not know that you can make good money online on video games… read more

Earn money on Virtual Gaming Accessories

The method is a part different from many others, but this one should not be fooled. There are many who are actually happy to pay others to make them better in a game and this is what you can earn money online… read more

Earn money by Selling Domains

Please note that it`s not recommended to do this with domain names from small countries and also in some countries, companies can actually claim a domain name if they can prove that they are entitled to it, and if that’s the case you won’t make any money from it… read more

Earn money by Selling Links

If you have a page that has some good content, some good articles and a good amount of visitors, you can believe it or not, sell links to other websites (This is against Google’s guidelines)… read more

Earn money as a Linkbuilder

Basically, it’s a matter of getting a website to pop-up in search results, so more people see the link to a page when they search for the product they are trying to sell or find the info they’re looking for on a homepage. It may be they will come again a second time!…….. read more

Earn money on Copy Pasting

This method is as it sounds; copy some text and paste it into a new location. It’s a slave job, and you’re probably tired of it within a few months… read more

Earn Money with a Website and E-Marketing

Earn money on Blogging

A reasonably normal and widely used method of making money online is to blog. By creating a blog, you can write interesting and good content, and thereby attract visitors to the website… read more

Earn money as a Travel Blogger

Believe it or not, you can actually earn money with the right tools. When most people are traveling, they are interested in knowing more about the travel locations they are going to, and it is here that you travel as a travel blog into the picture… read more

Make Money on Product Reviews

If you get a fan through a Youtube channel or blog (maybe even Instagram!), You have the opportunity to get free stuff for review, or even make quick money. Some of the most popular are clothes, make-up and hair products because it’s everyday stuff… read more

Make money with Coupons

Is it really possible to earn quick money with online discount codes? The answer is yes. But there is a lot of work to do, and you should have a website with complicated code…. read more

Make Money on Advertising

If you own a website that has a nice number of visitors, you can conveniently sell banner space or ads on your website. There are many different companies that are interested in banner space, as it can give them additional exposure, thus causing them to earn extra money… read more

Earn money with Google Adsense

This method is not just as straightforward, as earning money on Google Adsense also requires that you own a website. If you already own a website or are excited to make one, or at least learn it, Google Adsense can be a great way to earn money online……… read more

Earn money with a WebShop

An increasingly popular way to make money online is to start your own webshop. A web shop is, as most probably knows, an ‘online shop’, which, like all ordinary physical stores, sells goods over the net… read more

Earn money with Revenue Sharing

It’s quite simple – you write an article and post it on a website that runs advertisements from places called advertising networks such as. Adsense. When a visitor enters your article and ends up clicking on the advertisement on your page, you earn some money… read more